Today's podcast is quite 'out there'!

Health tech entrepreneur and author Laura Coe has been on Zestology before. We talked

The Healthy Morning Routine That Everyone Should Do… and

A Mid Life Crisis Prevention strategy 

Then Laura's life took a dramatic turn.

I'll leave her to describe the events, but she came across something called the Akashic Records—a way to systematically deepen the connection to your authentic voice.

I'm naturally very, very sceptical of this sort of thing. So when she told me about it as we recorded I put her on the spot and asked her to do a reading for me there and then.

You'll enjoy the results.

I think it's important to be sceptical, but also suspend disbelief and try new things, otherwise you'll never know. Then you can make your mind up. 

Laura has had two successful careers, selling her business for a very tidy chunk. Let me know what you think of her new calling. 

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INSIDE TRACKER: If you want to optimize and biohack and be at your best, it’s worth doing some detailed health testing. 

I’ve been using a company that can do it all at home. 

InsideTracker is an ultra-personalized performance system that analyzes data from your blood, DNA, lifestyle and fitness tracker to help you optimize your body and reach your health & wellness goals. 

So what about my results? One of my blood markers came back well outside range, and now they are helping me to make some detailed changes. That’s great. It’s just something I wouldn’t have known unless I’d taken the test. You can even upload your DNA results to the portal too for extra insights.

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