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Sky Sports presenter and author Tony Wrighton goes on a podcast journey to find more energy, vitality and motivation. Packed full of epic health tips, fun biohacking gadgets, supercharged supplements and some of the most respected and well-known experts on the planet. Oh, and occasionally all this experimentation goes wrong - you'll hear those bits too.
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Mar 6, 2017

Trust me. You REALLY need to listen to this podcast.

Coming up.

  • Why we need to worry about EMFs
  • Protect yourself from cancer
  • Do laptops have a significant impact on fertility?
  • Protecting your sensitive areas!

I've been trying to set this interview up for 9 months, and I'm so excited it's finally happened. I genuinely think it's one of the most important Zestology podcasts I've recorded. Daniel is a leader in shielding electronic emissions and protecting our bodies from potentially harmful radiation. He's spent his career as a technical expert in telecommunications, and now is highly focused on the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation exposures from electronic devices. Basically, he knows his stuff. And that stuff is pretty worrying.

So listen on, and do me a favour - don't put that phone in your pocket anymore. (Unless it is in airport mode).


Feb 27, 2017

How Tapping and Emotional Freedom Therapy can help you. And how it helped me. 

On this episode:

  • How the crazy concept of tapping on various parts of the face and body is becoming more and more popular.
  • Is this the most important podcast I've ever recorded?
  • How "Tapping" helped me

I've been meaning to record a podcast with Ashley Meyer of the Energy Therapy Centre for a long time. But as you'll here in today's podcast, I haven't quite felt ready until now. That's because I've worked with Ashley for quite a few years, with genuinely incredible results, and it felt quite private to bring it into the podcast. But now - who cares - I just want you to know about the potential of EFT or 'tapping' as well. Obviously it's not for everyone (see diagram below), and I get that straightaway it looks kind of weird. So bear with me. It's no exaggeration to say that when I took 3 months off work because of illness, this, and Ashley, were the things more than anything else that helped me get back to health. That's why I think this might be the most important podcast I've ever recorded. You can listen on iTunes, Spotify and on the website.

Feb 20, 2017

Dean Karnazes is a celebrated Ultra Marathon Runner. In fact they call him Ultra MarathonMan because he’s broken so many boundaries.

So on this podcast:

  • How to get your head in the right place
  • Get into an ultra mindset right now, as you listen
  • Also. What happens if you don't sleep for three days? (Dean did this)

This week it's Ultramarathon man Dean Karnazes on Zestology. He came on around a year ago and was awesome, so I wanted to get him back on. He’s one of the worlds most prolific runners and a big name. If you want to get inspired - check out Dean on Zestology today here on iTunes, here on Spotify, and here on the website.

He also ran for 3 days straight, without stopping and without sleeping. SO what's that got to do with mindset? Find out on Zestology.

And remember to check out my other interview with Dean a while back

Feb 12, 2017

More from my travels. As you know I was on the road recently in Seattle, Tokyo, Bali and Dubai. And in Bali I met up with Zestology fave and celebrated yoga teacher Meghan Currie. And her super cute dogs (see blog pic).

Meghan has much to offer for anyone who is interested in living in and loving every moment.

As well as being a celebrated yoga teacher, Meghan Currie also blogs to her army of followers about travel and putting raw food on your face.

Last time we spoke she lived... nowhere. I couldn't believe it. She was constantly on the road, touring, holding trainings and workshops and living on the road. That's all changed - and there was a lot to catch up on.

Feb 5, 2017

Ever been tempted to spend a week in a dark room with electrodes stuck to your head? I did that recently and I'm here to tell the tale. As you know I've been travelling for the last month - a trip for learning, adventures and new experiences, and this is what I did for the first week of my travels.

Bulletproof's Dave Asprey has taken the 40 Years Of Zen program eight times. He joins me in this special podcast recorded in Seattle. 

So what is 40 Years Of Zen? It's an immersive retreat and essentially what happens is you get electrodes attached to your head which read your brainwaves. It's called neurofeedback, and I know many people are interested in taking this program.

So I was keen to record a podcast with Dave to explain exactly what you get for your money. It's not cheap but I had a worthwhile time and I'm still seeing the benefits. The big benefit for me, as you'll hear, was some deep deep self-awareness.

You'll also hear how I was trusting enough to let the doctors at 40 Years Of Zen send an electrical current into my head.

Dave says:

“Neurofeedback is the #1 most impactful biohack that I have used in my entire life. That's saying a lot, because I have spent over $300,000 on personal upgrades"

So enjoy this podcast, it's a seriously powerful way to improve your energy, vitality and motivation.

Jan 29, 2017

This was a fun one to record.

I'm on the road in Seattle, Tokyo, and Bali. 

And this podcast is part travel blog and pass road testing a new device called the human charger which gives you energy and helps with jetlag - the Human Charger. 

Jan 22, 2017

I've long been super suspicious about smart drugs, so I'm going to take some convincing. Is my guest on this podcast the man to prove it?

Because today on the Zestology podcast, I interview a guy who's made it his mission to get us into 'peak brain state' more often. 

Covered on this episode of Zestology

  • Are 'smart drugs' safe?
  • Is there a drug that can make us smarter?
  • How do we get into peak brain state more often?
  • What legal supplements and stacks could we take to improve our brain function?

Dr. Andrew Hill runs the Peak Brain Institute, and also leads the team of TruBrain neuroscientists that have put together some interesting and groundbreaking supplement products. They say they have helped CEOs, hedge fund managers, and artists achieve new levels of performance by using advanced neurotech devices to measure their brainwaves data when they were deep in thought, managing stress, juggling distractions, and thinking on their feet.

This podcast is brought to you by Bulletproof Coffee and supplements. This month I've been going big on their Collagen protein, it's all about the Collagen for the froth in coffee, and also matcha tea too... works a treat, and gives you a flavourless shot of seriously good protein too. Simply use the code ZESTOLOGY at checkout for 10% off if you want to get involved.. (Code works in both US and UK/Europe stores)

Jan 15, 2017

Here's what happened when I went to meet my old friend, TV's Richard Arnold. Richard is known to millions who watch him on Good Morning Britain every morning. He also appeared on Strictly Come Dancing (the UK version of Dancing With The Stars.

One of the great things about Zestology is sometimes we go in depth on health, nutrition, supplements, lifestyle hacks, and sometimes keep it more general by chatting to someone who has had lots of success and find out exactly what makes them tick, and what motivates them.

And when Richard and I got together for a Zestology chat, we both got all reflective.

  • How often do you think about getting older?
  • Might this be the best time of your life?
  • What is the best way to deal with ageing?
  • How do we maintain motivation as we get (a bit!) older?
  • How do we improve with age? (Fine wine anyone?)
Jan 8, 2017


Love and relationships. How do you make it all work?

Because let's be honest, when that goes well, most things seem to slot into place. 

Giulia Rozzi is a writer, comedian, actress, producer and "very emotional person" (her words!).

Her life is basically her work. When her marriage broke down, she performed her hit show Bad Bride all over the world. Now she presents the podcast Hopefully We Don't Split Up with her new(ish) boyfriend. 

This podcast involved her grilling me about my love life too. Wow. It was a lot of fun... and Giulia has picked up a lot of relationships wisdom on her comedic journey.

Just don't call her a Relationship Expert.

Jan 5, 2017

He's back. So good he's got two podcasts to himself!

John Gray is a real friend of Zestology. He is the world’s biggest selling non-fiction hardback author of all time. He wrote Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, and was a huge hit when he came on Zestology a while back. Especially the bit when he talked about being celibate for 9 years.

So he came on Zestology again, and this time I wanted to ask him about maximising our energy and hormones.

In this podcast, lots of nutrition and stuff

Jan 3, 2017

John Gray is the world’s biggest selling non-fiction hardback author of all time. He wrote Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus, and was a huge hit when he came on Zestology a while back. Especially the bit when he talked about being celibate for 9 years.

So he came on Zestology again, and this time I wanted to ask him about maximising our energy and hormones.

He was on fire.. . I mean wind him up and let him go. Incredible form, the man has so much energy, and since this podcast is about energy, that’s good, right?

  • The lifestyle practice that is “better than drugs”.
  • How to not get stressed, (even when you are getting taken to court…)
  • The surefire way to maximise your hormones. (For men and women.)
Jan 1, 2017

Get inspired, lit up and optimistic about this year with the Law of Attraction.

This year, I wanted to focus on creating a podcast for you right at the start of 2017 that focuses on achieving exactly what you want, using one of the most powerful techniques that's featured on the show over the last year.

And it turns out the key is not resolutions, but New Year's Intentions. Once you make them intentions, the pressure is off, and the Law of Attraction starts to send you towards what you want with powerful energy.

Please do listen to the podcast for more on creating good intentions for the year ahead.

  • How can the Law of Attraction help us make this year our best ever?
  • What is the best way to write down our 2017 goals?
  • The secret little behaviours that lead to big wins

To answer those questions, I've done two things.

Firstly, I've chatted to Zestology Law of Attraction expert Jeannette Maw. She's been on Oprah to talk LOA, and she knows her stuff. She's also been the guest on the most downloaded Zestology show of all time.

Then, I went back and listened to the podcast I recorded at this time last year with elite performance coach Dr. Stephen Simpson to discuss the perfect approach to goal setting. It turns out, that there are huge similarities between the two styles to goal-setting. And the two compliment each other very well.

Dec 18, 2016

It's been almost two years since I started Zestology: The Podcast. It's been a fun journey. Sure, we are not quite at Tim Ferriss audience levels yet but growing quickly and people really seem to enjoy listening which I'm thrilled about. We even got featured in Esquire mag last week which was nice.

So today the blog and podcast is a special end of year show bringing together my favourite guests/pics/interviews this year. You can listen here, or head to to see the pics.

I'm back in 2017 with (wait for it) 5 podcasts in the first 3 days of the year. Yep, I've been busy at work. This includes two exclusive podcasts for Spotify featuring a couple of globally recognised music stars. More to come soon, but for now, have a cracking Xmas and holidays. 

Dec 11, 2016

Mike and Suzie are health coaches, and big names in the health field. They're also married, so quite a bit of their work is on relationships and connections.

In fact, Mike and suzie spend all their time together, what with being married and working together. They have a successful show on nutrition and healthy living, work with clients, and they live together, so how do they do it? How do they get on just so well…  and how do they stay loving to each other.

It turns out that mindfulness is a huge part of what they do… and you’re going to hear about that today. It goes deep - with discussion on stoicism, buddhism and more...

This podcast is brought to you by the delish Bulletproof Coffee. Head to and use the code ZESTOLOGY for a mighty 10 percent off on all coffee and supplements.

Dec 4, 2016

Anyone who describes themselves as an 'anti-guru' is okay in my book. This world of wellbeing and personal development is probably too full of people promising to change your life when actually they couldn't change a lightbulb.

So welcome back one of my all-time fave podcast guests. It's almost a year ago that I interviewed Sarah Knight on Zestology.

She wrote a brililant book called The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F**k!

I keep seeing people reading this book all over London. It's been a huge hit for Sarah. The interview contained such amusing parts as the four categories of potential F*** giving.

Now she's written a new book - Get Your Sh*t Together: How to stop worrying about what you should do so you can finish what you need to do and start doing what you want to do.

So how exactly do we do that?? Let's find out...

Nov 27, 2016

“You have the worst facial injury I have ever seen”

Those were the words Days of our Lives actor and Model Andy Hnilo heard when he came round after a horrific car accident in West Hollywood.

His career, his health, and his dreams shattered, he spiralled into a long depression.

And the thing he found that eventually lifted him out, provided his salvation.

Andy now makes an incredible (I'm not using that word lightly) skincare brand with all natural ingredients.

This stuff is the real deal. I'm a total convert. And yes, it's the first time ever I've been persuaded to use a clay mask. 

Why you need to listen to this podcast:

There are a lot of hidden nasties in your skincare products. A lot. I thought I'd sorted out mine, and then I grabbed one and read the ingredients out to Andy. I was in for a shock.

Check out Andy Hnilo's awesome Alitura brand, and listen to Zestology.

Nov 20, 2016

A Law of Attraction experiment. Attracting good vibes with author Jeannette Maw #90

Are you ready to fire up your cosmic good vibes?

Last time Jeannette Maw came on Zestology, something very strange happened. We used the Law of Attraction to see if we could get more listeners to the podcast, with incredible results. It turned out to be the most listened-to podcast I've ever recorded, by quite a long way.

So obviously I had to have Jeannette back on, and this time, something even better I hope.

Stand by for a Law of Attraction experiment with Good Vibe Coach Jeannette Maw. 

Before you even listen though, have a think about what you would like to manifest. What you'd like to change, or have in your life that you don't have now. Ready? Okay, time to bring on Jeannette Maw.

Nov 13, 2016

This US election was a source of stress for 52% of American adults according to the American Psychological Association. There have been multiple reports of election-related fears arising on therapists’ couches as never before, along with anecdotes of relationships damaged by political disagreement. (Taken from The Guardian).

So whoever you voted for, based on the above figures you may not have feeling quite so much energy, vitality and motivation over the past few days. So when Zestology friend of the show, yogi and adventurer Lucy McCarthy and I met yesterday, the original plan kind of went out the window. 

This isn't a trump-bashing podcast. I'm fully aware that some listeners may have voted for him. It's more about how we deal with the extraordinary stimulation and fear levels that many of us have experienced over the past few weeks, and are still experiencing now.

After election stress, we move on to lighter, and more enjoyable topics including voyaging 

Nov 6, 2016

Today's podcast guest has such unusual advice I had to put a disclaimer on it.

All material on this podcast is provided for information only and may not be construed as medical advice or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this podcast; readers and listeners should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and wellbeing.

So that's that out of the way. Raw Paleo's Melissa Henig is great fun, and has some very unusual dietary habits. I met her recently in California and she is great fun. She is a Health and Beauty Lifestyle Coach, and the author of the book Raw Paleo.  She says Raw Paleo foods are powerful medicine. In this podcast, she has a tough job convincing me!

She's also into Paleo lifestyle factors such as sunlight, earthing, water treatments, detox, correct breathing, natural movement, and relaxation practices.

You'll enjoy today's podcast a lot - even if she may not convince you (or me) to eat what she does.

Nov 4, 2016

Next time on Zestology: 

You won't believe what my guest eats. It's going to take me a lot to get convinced on this diet!

But it's good for you. Research has proven that Raw Paleo foods are powerful medicine.  To further improve her clients’ wellness, Melissa Henig’s coaching program includes Paleo lifestyle factors such as sunlight, earthing, water treatments, detox, correct breathing, natural movement, and relaxation practices.


Oct 30, 2016

So I was in California recently. I got to record a few podcasts, not least with Zestology regular The Life Stylist Luke Storey.

Here's what happened when we went to the beach in Santa Barbara and recorded a podcast, joined by our good mate Ryan Carter.


A simple hack to make your fridge totally awesome. (Don't pretend you're not intrigued by this!)

Luke Storey is well known as a stylist, appearing regularly on MTV and VH1 and working with top names like Kanye West, Marilyn Manson, Foo Fighters, Kim Kardashian and many more. But he's also a biohacker, experimenter, coach and he is now becoming as famous for this as for his styling work. 

So as always, there was a lot to talk about.

Oct 28, 2016

Next time on Zestology:

I am roadtripping, biohacking, and experimenting in California.

And on our roadtrip, I got to record a few podcasts, not least with Zestology regular The Life Stylist Luke Storey.


  • The benefits of (naked!) sun exposure
  • How to feel ten years younger 
  • A simple hack to make your fridge totally awesome.

That's next time on Zestology


Oct 23, 2016

Hacking jet lag, sleep quality and (yes) hangovers at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference #86

You are in the right place for the most innovative, unusual and downright crazy hacks for better performance.

Today we are hacking

  1. Jet lag
  2. Sleep quality
  3. Alcohol (and hangovers)

We are in LA for the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference. Some of the world's top biohackers all in one place. And we organised a pre-conference Zestology podcast party, where I got to ask some of the world's best how to hack their energy, vitality and motivation levels.

The weekend was an awesome chance to try out some interesting, unusual, and downright crazy hacks for energy. If you are interested in some of the stuff in the pics, and a lot more, listen on.

Also. This podcast features an in-depth look at no hangover wine.

There are more biohacking pics on the site -

Oct 21, 2016

Next time on Zestology:

This podcast was recorded live on the scene in LA, at the Bulletproof Biohacking Conference. Together with the Bulletproof UK crew, we organised a pre-conference Zestology podcast party, where I got to ask some of the world's best how to hack their energy, vitality and motivation levels.

Includes hacking

  • Alcohol
  • Jet lag
  • Sleep

That's next time on Zestology

Oct 16, 2016

Uri Geller has had an astonishing amount of press and publicity over the years. He's been on primetime TV and front page news for bending spoons, paranormal experiments, influencing football matches, being best mates with Michael Jackson and all sorts of other psychic shenanigans.

Now he speaks at huge consciousness conferences and energy events around the world. Hmmm - energy - well, that got me thinking about getting him on Zestology.

I first interviewed Uri 16 years ago when I was a radio presenter on Atlantic 252. I spoke to him a few times over the years, but we'd lost touch until I contacted him recently and asked him to come on the podcast.

This might be one of the more controversial podcasts I've recorded so far. Why? Well, because it's Uri really. Some love him and some don't. But prepare for a fascinating, interesting and fun journey on Zestology today. If you're sceptical about Uri, that's cool, rest assured I ask him about all the negative publicity he's received over the years. I don't let him off lightly.

And then, after that, it's time for a little experiment. And... guess what, it turns out Uri still bends spoons. So grab a spoon, and get listening to the wonderful Uri Geller on Zestology.

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